Lequipe Monteur S.A.


L’EQUIPE MONTEUR has two modern plants in Argentina, located in the capital city of Cordoba and in the city of Garin in Buenos Aires Province and its main activity is the manufacturing of large plastic car parts for the interior and exterior of vehicles.

L’EQUIPE MONTEUR supplies the assembly lines of the most important Argentina, Brazil and France’s Cars Manufacturers (OEM) directly, and indirectly exports through OEMs to Mexico, South Africa and Europe.

L’EQUIPE MONTEUR also manufactures engineering packaging for the beverage industry.

L’EQUIPE MONTEUR has an Engineering Department that design and co-design plastic components for automotive and food industry.

The staff that contributes to the progress and growth of L’EQUIPE MONTEUR SA with their daily work play a key role in maintaining high quality standards and manufacturing reliable products. Our goal is to keep quality standards high, permanently push ourselves further technologically, be well trained and provide the best customer service, ensuring the present and the future of our company.


L’EQUIPE MONTEUR manufactures the following products:


  • Instrument Panels
  • Door Panels
  • Other automotive components plastic for inner coverage.
  • Fenders
  • Bumpers
  • Impact Absorbers
  • Cabin Access Stirrups
  • Radiator support and fan assembly
  • Air Conducts
  • Bumper Trims
  • Mud Flaps


  • Containers for the beverage industry