Lequipe Monteur S.A.

Human Resources

We have QUALIFIED staff who WORKS ON A DAILY BASIS to contribute to the progress and growth of L’EQUIPE Monteur S.A. and PLAYS A KEY ROLE IN GUARANTEEING the quality and reliability of the products WE manufacture.

We have clear objectives: to maintain high quality standards, to push ourselves further technologically, to be well qualified to do so and to provide the best Customer service.

Our people is a key factor for growth, thus we recruit the best staff, we provide them demanding training, we create excellent working teams and above all, we make sure they grow professionally and are happy every day.

L’EQUIPE MONTEUR S.A. has an ongoing Training Programme aimed to achieve training goals, versatility and policompetence of all staff as well as to improve personal relations, teamwork, efficiency and develop a sense of belonging to the Company.

We are looking for people like you, people who are technically qualified, motivated professionals with great team work abilities.

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