Lequipe Monteur S.A.

How we do it

Unlike many competitors in Argentina, L’EQUIPE Monteur SA has vertically integrated industrial processes, which allow it to make any kind of product starting from basic raw materials such as plastic pellets, SCM, Woodstock, fabrics, paints, and so on without relying on subcontractors to manufacture them.

This vertical integration includes the laser beam process for weakening the instrument panels in the area of Air-Bag, paint lines, ultrasonic and vibration as well as welding processes, vacuum and pressure thermoforming, low pressure injection combined with textile fabrics, gas injection and many others.

After the assembly process, the parts are finished and inspected along its lifetime.

Each specific material and part is checked and tested through the Quality Department to ensure compliance with all Customer and Quality Management Systems’ requirements.

Our delivery process is carried out using methods such as just-in-time, Kan-Ban and Milk Run, among others.