Lequipe Monteur S.A.


The Directorate of L’EQUIPE MONTEUR S.A. is committed to Quality control and considers it the foundation for progress and continuous improvement. This commitment is reflected in the corporate policy, based on the following principles: an organizational system, a communication and continuous training system and a measurement and assessment system. We intend to achieve complete customer’s satisfaction and to be market and new ventures seeking leaders, using management tools and the latest technology to achieve excellence.

The strategy for achieving these objectives is based on:
  • Optimal allocation of resources to supply our internal and external customers, products that ensure the highest level of quality and service.
  • Continuous training and motivation of all staff, enhancing individual responsibility and teamwork.
  • Continuous search for improvement in all processes and business sectors, always aiming to achieve zero defects at the lowest cost.
  • Keeping all staff informed about the policy, objectives and results of the company.
  • Maintaining , searching for and developing competitive suppliers that contribute to the achievement of our goals.
  • Constant reductions of costs and improvement at productive levels by removing any action that does not add value to the product.
  • Respect for the environment and safety in the development of all company activities.