Lequipe Monteur S.A.


The growing demands of the market and the need to fully satisfy customers and users have driven since the beginning of our business activities to achieve progressively the highest levels of quality in both products and processes, on the basis of all international quality standards and our customers’ specifications.

This long journey that began in 1994 with the ISO-9000 certification has continued and led us to meeting all the requirements in terms of Integral Management and Quality that the market has imposed. The Quality Policy implemented consolidated while we got certified by the OEMs themselves, as EAQF-94, ASES (RENAULT-NISSAN Standard), Formel Q (VW Standard), QS-9000 (North American OEMs Standard), all due to our continuous effort and allocation of human and technical resources.

With the unification of all Automotive Standards in the ISO-TS 16949:2009, our Management System is constantly undergoing a process of updating, renewal and improvement, ensuring its certification year after year.

Our competitive high Quality standard has allowed us to maintain the prestige of our company nationally and internationally with major achievements as Quality Awards granted by different Car Manufacturers. It is important to mention that in 2000 we were one of the five companies that received a Testified Audit by a Worldwide Accredited Organization, thereby gaining recognition and international prestige. Certificate of Merit for Best Supplier (GMA, 2003 and 2008), Award for Best Quality Supplier (RENAULT, 2002 and 2011), Best Management Award as Supplier (VWA, 2003), Qualitas Awards (FIAT, year 2011), among others, are good examples of our commitment.

In terms of New Projects, the emergence of Advanced Quality Planning and Project Management specific arrangements have led to several additional audits to our Quality System in specific project and process areas by our Clients. In all cases and as part of our global strategy, satisfactory qualifications were obtained which have contributed to place ourselves in a privileged position in the portfolios of all national OEMs as indoor and outdoor parts supplier.